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Family of Sidney WOOLMER and Norah Theresa JEFFERY

Husband: Sidney WOOLMER ( - )
Wife: Norah Theresa JEFFERY (1913-1997)
Marriage 1933 Brighton

Husband: Sidney WOOLMER

Name: Sidney WOOLMER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Norah Theresa JEFFERY

Name: Norah Theresa JEFFERY
Sex: Female
Father: John Henry JEFFERY (1889-1917)
Mother: Clara AZZARO (1889-1973)
Birth 1913
Death 1997 (age 83-84) Brighton

Note on Husband: Sidney WOOLMER - shared note

1. Sidney Woolmer's family can be found in considerable detail on Michel Duplin's RootsWeb database.

Note on Wife: Norah Theresa JEFFERY - shared note

1. I am told that Norah had 5 children, Theresa, Pauline, Peter, June and Mick.