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Family of Victor Ernest PETTIT and Selina May BARKER

Husband: Victor Ernest PETTIT (1892-1962)
Wife: Selina May BARKER (1894-1965)
Children: May BARKER (1923-2001)
Marriage 5 Jun 1922 St. Nicholas Church, Deptford

Husband: Victor Ernest PETTIT


Victor Ernest PETTIT


Victor Ernest PETTIT

Name: Victor Ernest PETTIT
Sex: Male
Father: Edward PETTIT (1857-1909)
Mother: Ann Elizabeth HARRIS (1858-1933)
Birth 14 Apr 1892 Horselydown, Bermondsey
Death 30 Nov 1962 (age 70) Sidcup, Kent
Burial Eltham Crematoriam

Wife: Selina May BARKER


Selina May BARKER


Selina May BARKER

Name: Selina May BARKER
Sex: Female
Father: William George BARKER (1870-1946)
Mother: Louisa Matilda WALLACE (1869-1928)
Birth 20 Jul 1894 Camberwell
Death 21 Jul 1965 (age 71) Sidcup Kent

Child 1: May BARKER



Name: May BARKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: David AZZARO (1920-1988)
Birth 10 Apr 1923 Southwark
Death Jan 2001 (age 77) Worthing, Sussex
Burial Cremated

Note on Husband: Victor Ernest PETTIT - shared note

1. I have a copy of his birth certificate. He was born at 65, Queen Elizabeth Street, Horselydown, Bermondsey.


2. I have a copy of his marriage certificate which gives his profession as Casual Labourer. His address was 34 Fair Street, Horsely Down, Deptford SE1.


3. Worked in the early part of his married life as a Crane driver at Butler's Wharf, Bermondsey. At the time of the birth of his daughter May he lived at 7 Kerry Road, Deptford North. His profession was given as Wharf Labourer.


4. I only knew him in later life when he suffered from severe depression, whereas Uncle Frank remembers him in younger days a a bit of a practical joker. However, we both have the same impression that his wife May was very much in charge in the family. Frank even hinted that he couldn't quite see how a determined lady like May married a drip like Vic. That's rather my impression of the affair.


4. Died at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, Kent on November 30, 1962. At this time he lived at 41 Willersley Avenue, Sidcup, Kent.

Note on Wife: Selina May BARKER - shared note

1. I have a copy of her birth certificate. She was born at 12 Pepler Road, Trafalgar Road, Camberwell.


2. I have a copy of her marraige certificate, at which time she lived with her parents at 289 Evelyn Street, Deptford.


3. At some point (presumably early 1930's) she moved to 41, Norfolk Crescent, Sidcup. The story is that she was able to surrender an insurance policy which raised £10. With this she had £5 for a deposit on the house, and £5 for removal expenses, which was sufficient to make the move. (When I say that Grandma Pettit did this or that, it gives away my impression that is was Grandma who ran this household. Perhaps I am being unfair to Granddad Pettit, who suffered from severe depression in his later years; perhaps he was different when younger.]


3. At the time of her death she lived with her daughter May and family at 41, Willersley Avenue, Sidcup, Kent.


4. She was always known as May. Even in the 1901 census the Selina has already been dropped and she is down as May only.