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Family of Ernest Roland GOLDSMITH and Clara AZZARO

Husband: Ernest Roland GOLDSMITH (1883- )
Wife: Clara AZZARO (1889-1973)
Marriage 1 Mar 1919 St John the Baptist, Bristol Road, Brighton

Husband: Ernest Roland GOLDSMITH

Name: Ernest Roland GOLDSMITH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1883

Wife: Clara AZZARO



Name: Clara AZZARO
Sex: Female
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Mother: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Birth 30 Nov 1889 St Peter, Brighton
Death 1973 (age 83-84) Brighton

Note on Husband: Ernest Roland GOLDSMITH - shared note

1. All the information shown comes from the certificate for his marriage to Clara Azzaro. His profession is a Farrier, as is that of his father George (deceased).

Note on Wife: Clara AZZARO - shared note

1. Clara is referred to in Emanuele Azzaro's will of 1900. She appears to be the favourite daughter in that she is left the freehold house at 17 John Street where Emanuele was living at the time. So if there is any tangible memento of Emanuele anywhere, it seems most likely to be in Clara's family.


2. I have her birth certificate : born November 30, 1889. The family is living at 8 Chesterfield street at the time.


3. I have the marriage certificate for her marriage to John Henry Jeffery in Brighton in 1909. Her sister Rose is one of the witnesses.


4. I have searched the PRO index for 'Jeffery' children. Searched from 3rd Qtr 1911 (which is when they start showing the mother's maiden name) to 4th Qtr 1923 inclusive. This shows three children : Clara V born 4th Qtr 1911, Norah T born 3rd Qtr 1913 and George H born 4th Qtr 1915. Then looking back between 1909 and 1911, there is a John Emmanuel Jeffery born 3rd Qtr 1910 (Ref Vol 2b, page 180). The names and date make it look highly probably that John Emmanuel is also one of Clara's children.


5. There are no children after 1915 and we have the death of a John ? Jeffery aged 28 from Brighton in September 1917. [The middle initial is unclear - might be H or E.] So it looks a though her husband was killed in WWI.


6. I have the marriage certificate of Clara Jeffery to Ernest Goldsmith in Brighton in March 1919. Her father's name is given as Emmanuel Azzaro, so there is no doubt that it is her. Both Clara and Ernest are living at 17, John Street at the time of the marriage; Ernest is a batchelor aged 36. The witnesses are Antonio Azzaro and L (?) Azzaro, so she is still close to the Azzaro family at that time.


7. I then looked for Goldsmith births with mother's name either Azzaro or Jeffery from start 1919 to 2nd Qtr 1924. None at all in Brighton. The only two interesting ones have a mother's maiden name of Jeffery. These are Sheila Goldsmith, born in Portsmouth 2nd Qtr 1920, and Thomas C Goldsmith, born in Eastbourne in 1st Qtr 1921. Maybe ?


8. In Kelly's 1928 directory of Brighton, the occupant of 17 John Street is given as 'Mrs Goldsmith'. So presumably she is still there, but Ernest Goldsmith is not. Note that her brother Antonio is next door (?) at No. 19, and Andrew is just round the corner in Nelson Place.


9. I have a copy of her death certificate for 1973. Her son John Emmanuel Jeffery is the informant. Rita Pike tells me that she was living with her daughter Clara up until her death.


10. Her children all continued to use the surname Jeffery. Norah married a Sidney Woolmer with about 4 children and died in 1997. John married Clara Marchant also with 4 children and dying about the same time. I have made contact with one of John's children, now Rita Pike.