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Family of Antonio AZZARO and Louisa Jane GARBUTT

Husband: Antonio AZZARO (1877-1943)
Wife: Louisa Jane GARBUTT (1877-1936)
Children: Louisa Ursula AZZARO (1901- )
Antonio E P AZZARO (1903-1954)
Andrew William AZZARO (1905- )
Clara Frances V AZZARO (1908- )
George A AZZARO (1910- )
Christopher Alfred Noel AZZARO (1911-1978)
Emmanuel J AZZARO (1913- )
Kathleen R AZZARO (1915- )
Teresa V AZZARO (1916- )
Frances I AZZARO (1918- )
Rose AZZARO (1919- )
Vera AZZARO (1921- )
Marriage 1899 Brighton

Husband: Antonio AZZARO


Antonio AZZARO, Antonio Azzaro


Antonio AZZARO

Name: Antonio AZZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Mother: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Birth Mar 1877 Brighton
Death Jun 1943 (age 66) Brighton

Wife: Louisa Jane GARBUTT

Name: Louisa Jane GARBUTT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1877 Hove
Death 15 May 1936 (age 58-59) Brighton

Child 1: Louisa Ursula AZZARO

Name: Louisa Ursula AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1901
Death "ABT. 1955"

Child 2: Antonio E P AZZARO


Antonio E P AZZARO

Name: Antonio E P AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith (?) ( - )
Birth 1903
Death 1954 (age 50-51)

Child 3: Andrew William AZZARO

Name: Andrew William AZZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 1905

Child 4: Clara Frances V AZZARO

Name: Clara Frances V AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1908

Child 5: George A AZZARO

Name: George A AZZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 1910

Child 6: Christopher Alfred Noel AZZARO


Christopher Alfred Noel AZZARO

Name: Christopher Alfred Noel AZZARO
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine HAVILAND (1913-1977)
Birth 22 Dec 1911 Brighton, Sussex
Death 13 Dec 1978 (age 66)

Child 7: Emmanuel J AZZARO

Name: Emmanuel J AZZARO
Sex: Male
Birth 1913

Child 8: Kathleen R AZZARO

Name: Kathleen R AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1915

Child 9: Teresa V AZZARO

Name: Teresa V AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1916

Child 10: Frances I AZZARO

Name: Frances I AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1918

Child 11: Rose AZZARO

Name: Rose AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1919

Child 12: Vera AZZARO

Name: Vera AZZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 1921

Note on Husband: Antonio AZZARO - shared note

1. Antonio gets no mention in his father's will of 22nd August 1900, but the family story is that he had fallen out with his father and was disowned. The question of whose fault it was depends on which branch of the family you listen to.


2. The PRO reference for his marriage is Brighton, 4th qtr 1899, Vol 2b, p523.


3. In Kelly's 1928 directory of Brighton, he is living at 19 John Street which is next door (?) to his sister Clara at No. 17. There is an Anthony Azzaro (jnr) - presumably his son - at 35 Upper North Street.


4. In the 1901 census his profession is given as Railway Company Policeman. He is living at 10 Carlton Street, Brighton with his wife, daughter Louisa aged 1 month, and also his sister Emily.


5. I have made contact with two of Antonio's descendants, from whom I have obtained most of my information. One is Rita Coe (nee Azzaro) who is his granddaughter, and the other is Anne-Marie Connault, a great granddaughter living in Australia.

Note on Wife: Louisa Jane GARBUTT - shared note

1. A2A has a record of the inquest into her death. She died after falling to the ground at the back of 19 John Street on 15/5/1936. The inquest was held on 27/5/1936 and returned a verdict of misadventure.