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Family of Richard SAUNDERS and Rose AZZARO

Husband: Richard SAUNDERS (1882-1914)
Wife: Rose AZZARO (1884-1954)
Marriage 27 Aug 1905 St John the Baptist, Bristol Road, Brighton

Husband: Richard SAUNDERS



Name: Richard SAUNDERS
Sex: Male
Father: William SAUNDERS ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1882
Death 1 Nov 1914 (age 31-32) Battle of Coronel

Wife: Rose AZZARO





Name: Rose AZZARO
Sex: Female
Father: Emmanuelle AZARO (1840-1916)
Mother: Ursula MAY (1849-1921)
Birth Mar 1884 Brighton
Death Feb 1954 (age 69) Brighton

Note on Husband: Richard SAUNDERS - shared note

1. Richard was a seaman in the R.N. at the time of his marriage, stationed at Chatham. His father was William Saunders, fisherman. There is no obvious evidence that his family had any previous connection with Brighton.


2. He died at the Battle of Coronel which took place on 1st November 1914 somewhere off the coast of Chile. He was a sailor on HMS Good Hope which was sunk in the battle.

Note on Wife: Rose AZZARO - shared note

1. In the 1901 census she is still living with her parents and is a Shirt Ironer.


2. I have a copy of the marriage certificate for her marriage to Richard Saunders in Brighton in 1905.


3. Most of my subsequent information about Rose and her family comes from her grandaughter Rosemary Ursula Taylor (nee Sivyer), via Rosemary's grandson Kevin Brant.


4. Note that this database lists 5 children of Rose and Richard - Rose, Ursula, Clara, Richard and Robert - but Rosemary has no recollection of anyone called Robert, so I assume that he died in infancy. (My information on the dates of birth of these children is taken from the GRO Index. After 1911 this index lists the surnames of both father and mother, so there can be no doubt that Robert was really there.) See the notes on the various children for Rosemary's information on what happened to them all.


5. The story of the family is that, after the death of Richard in 1914 the family was split up and the children were effectively orphaned (apparently Rose received no widow's pension or compensation]. Rose herself remained in Brighton and at some time lived in Rugby Place, close to her sister Clara. Rose died in February 1954. Rosemary believes that she was then aged 73, which casts doubt on the date of birth in my database.