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Family of Henry SPEARPOINT and Ann SMITH

Husband: Henry SPEARPOINT (1724-1784)
Wife: Ann SMITH ( -1796)
Marriage 24 Feb 1754 Folkestone, Kent

Husband: Henry SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Father: Edmund SPEARPOINT (1693-1748)
Mother: Jane CHEESEMAN ( -1746)
Birth 19 Jul 1724 Folkestone
Death 12 Dec 1784 (age 60)

Wife: Ann SMITH

Name: Ann SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 17 Dec 1796 Folkestone

Note on Wife: Ann SMITH - shared note

1. I have left out the children of Henry + Ann Smith, since they are getting a bit far from the main line. Note that there is a problem that Henry + Ann Smith could be confused with Henry Spearpoint + Ann Hewson. They are both breeding at the same time, and from the IGI alone it is not possible to tell which children are from which family. It seems that Ann Smith also left a will in 1796 (which I don't have), which resolves some of it.


2. The children of Henry + Ann Smith are listed by Jenny Johnson/Richard Nelson as Ann, Henry, Mary, Baker and Elizabeth. Of these there is no record of Ann's birth at all (she is taken from the will only), and Mary is missing from the IGI although she seems to have a proper record in the C of E parish register.