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Family of William LASHMORE and Sarah FAITH

Husband: William LASHMORE ( - )
Wife: Sarah FAITH (1759- )

Husband: William LASHMORE

Name: William LASHMORE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Sarah FAITH

Name: Sarah FAITH
Sex: Female
Father: Richard FAITH (1732- )
Mother: Sarah LUFF (1740-1809)
Birth 12 Aug 1759 Climping

Note on Husband: William LASHMORE - shared note

1. See the notes on John Scutt b.1769 for the identification of William Lashmore as the husband of Sarah Faith. It comes from the will of Sarah Luff's husband.

Note on Wife: Sarah FAITH - shared note

1. Sarah appears to be part of the Scutt/Faith exodus from Sussex to Kent. See the notes on her mother (Sarah Luff) where she is described as the wife of William Lashmore, cordwainer, of Staplegate in Canterbury.


2. Note that there is a marriage record (from Michael Gandy) of Sarah Faith to Thomas Finnes in Barham on 19/9/1782 (both o.t.p.). I think that I have to conclude that she must have married twice.