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Family of Thomas James GASCOIGNE and Elizabeth Ursula HEALEY

Husband: Thomas James GASCOIGNE ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth Ursula HEALEY (1895-1991)
Children: Harold GASCOIGNE ( - )
Marriage 17 Oct 1914 West Perth, Western Australia

Husband: Thomas James GASCOIGNE

Name: Thomas James GASCOIGNE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth Ursula HEALEY


Elizabeth Ursula HEALEY

Name: Elizabeth Ursula HEALEY
Sex: Female
Father: Philip HEALEY (1859-1903)
Mother: Theresa AZZARO (1871-1957)
Birth 15 Sep 1895 Sutton Coldfield
Death 3 Nov 1991 (age 96) Western Australia

Child 1: Harold GASCOIGNE

Name: Harold GASCOIGNE
Sex: Male

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Ursula HEALEY - shared note

1. My information about Elizabeth Healey and this branch of the family comes from her grandson, Garry Gascoigne. He gives her full name as Elizabeth (Lydia) Ursula Healey Fudger, but tells me that she was known as Doll.


2. At the time of her birth, her mother Theresa Azzaro was married to Philip Healey. But strangely, on her marriage certificate, her father's name is given as Henry Healey, which was the name of Philip's father. Just a slip of the pen ?


3. Garry had considered the posibility that Elizabeth was actually George Fudger's daughter, but DNA analysis confirms that he is related to other members of the Healey family