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Family of George SPEARPOINT and Alice (?)

Husband: George SPEARPOINT ( -1609)
Wife: Alice (?) ( - )
Children: Michael SPEARPOINT ( - )
Elizabeth SPEARPOINT ( - )
Elise SPEARPOINT ( - )
Ingram SPEARPOINT ( - )

Husband: George SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Father: Robert SPEARPOINT ( - )
Mother: Anne (?) ( - )
Death Jul 1609 Capel Le Ferne, Kent
Will 23 Jul 1609 PRC 17/56 FF376

Wife: Alice (?)

Name: Alice (?)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Michael SPEARPOINT

Name: Michael SPEARPOINT
Sex: Male
Birth "ABT. 1595"

Child 2: John SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male

Child 3: Elizabeth SPEARPOINT

Name: Elizabeth SPEARPOINT
Sex: Female


Sex: Female

Child 5: Elise SPEARPOINT

Sex: Female

Child 6: Ingram SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann (?) ( - )

Note on Husband: George SPEARPOINT - shared note

1. This is my best attempt to transcribe the will of George Spearpoint. Note that it is taken from the copy in the court where it was proved, so it has already been transcribed once. The spelling of the name of George's youngest daughter twice appears as Ereasee and once as Creasee, so the clerk who transcribed it first doesn't seem to have been able to read it either ! The other Spearpoint family pages on the web put it down in a modern form as Elise - but the second letter certainly ain't an 'l'.


The grant of probate is in Latin, which I haven't tackled yet, but it does describe the will as 'autoscriptum George Spearpoint'.

Presumably he wrote it himself ?


Will of George Spearpoint of 1609.


In the name of God Amen the 29th of Julie in the yeare of our Lord God 1609 in the seventh yeare of the reign of Sovereign Lord King James I George Spearpointe of Capel le Ferne in the Countye of Kente yeoman being at this tyme sicke of bodye but of good and perfect memorye for which I give thanks to almighty god doe make this my laste will and testament in manner and forme following first I commend my soul into the hands of almighty god by the death & merritte (?) of whose deere and only sone Jesus Christ I looke and assuredly (?) hope for pardon and remission of all my synnes and offences in this life and eternal joys in the kingdom to come prepared (?) for the electe (?) : Item I give to Alice Spearpointe my wedded wife my house & all my lands during her natural life : Item I give to Alice my wife all my moveable goods during her said natural life, and after my wives decease my will is that Elizabeth Spearpointe my oldest daughter shall have my cubbard standing in the hall, and one chest : Item more I give to Elizabeth my daughter one cowe : Item I give to Ann Spearpointe my second daughter one brasse pott & one chest : Item I give more to Ann my daughter one cowe : Item I give to Ereasee Spearpointe my youngest daughter my bedd and bedsteddle which I nowe lye in wholelie as nowe yt is, and one table in the hall one caudren (?) with two eares (?) : Item I give more to Ereasee my daughter eight ewe sheepe : Item I give to Michael Spearpointe my eldest sonne and to heires one parcel of lande lyeing at Herst (?) by estimation one acre and a half bee yt more or less : Item more I give to my sonne him one parcel of land called Ealbye (?) by estimation 7 roddes more or less : Item I give to Ingraham Spearpointe my sonne and to his heires my house & lands wholye within the compasse of my garden hedges contayning by estimation 2 acres more or less : Item I give to John Spearpointe my sonne and to his heires one parcel of land called by the name of Mayden Borrow (??) adjoyning to hode (?) field by estimation 2 acres more or less : Item I give to John my sonne one other parcel of land called fullers crest (?) containeinge by estimation three acres more or less : Item my will & meaning is that Michael Spearpointe my oldest sonne shall within two years after the decease of Alice my wife pay to Elizabeth Spearpointe my daughter five pounds of goode & lawfull monye of England out of the lands bequeathed unto him : Item my will is that Ingraham my sonne shall paye to Ann my daughter ____ of goode & lawfull monye of Englande within two yeares after my said wives decease out of the house and lands to him bequeathed more will it that John my sonne shall paye to Creasee my daughter five pounds of good and lawfull monye of Englande within two years after my said wives decease further my will and meaning is that if any of my said sonnes shall happen to dye without heirs of there bodyes lawfully begotten the survivors shall bee each others heirs, paying to there sisters there severall portions equal between them : Item further my will is that if anye of my said daughters shall happen to dye unmarried before that the 2 years after my said wives decease bee expired then ye survivor of them shall be each others heirs : further my meaning is that yf anye of my daughters do marrye before these yeares herein specified the husband of her soe married shall not enjoy her portion before the tyme in this my will limited : further my will is that Alice my wyfe whome solie I do make my executrix shall have ye use of all my goods lands and tenements during her natural life for the proving of will, and paying my debts and after her decease my three sonnes Michael, Ingraham, and John shall have the residue of my moveable goods, unbequeathed, equalie to bee divided betweenst them:

This is my last will and testament in witnesse whereof I have sette my hande and seale : Dated the 23rd day of Julie 1609 : witness John ____ his marke, Thomas ____ John Dobs, ____ ____