Family of William AGATE and Phoebe Frances (?)

Husband: William AGATE (1790-1863)
Wife: Phoebe Frances (?) (1790-1835)
Children: Mary Ann AGATE (1811-1875)
George AGATE (1813-1874)
Jane AGATE (1814-1975)
Frances AGATE (1817-1895)
Caroline Sarah AGATE (1824-1855)
Marriage 10 Jul 1809

Husband: William AGATE

Name: William AGATE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1790 Roffey, Sussex.
Death Mar 1863 (age 72-73) 47 Preston Street, Brighton

Wife: Phoebe Frances (?)

Name: Phoebe Frances (?)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Dec 1790 Petworth, Sussex
Death Apr 1835 (age 44) Brighton,, Sussex

Child 1: Mary Ann AGATE

Name: Mary Ann AGATE
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1811 Horsham Sussex
Death Mar 1875 (age 64)

Child 2: George AGATE

Name: George AGATE
Sex: Male
Birth 31 Jan 1813 Pulborough, Sussex
Death Sep 1874 (age 61) London

Child 3: Jane AGATE

Name: Jane AGATE
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Apr 1814 Pulborough, Sussex
Death 1975 (age 160-161)

Child 4: Frances AGATE

Name: Frances AGATE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reuben BAKER (1810- )
Birth 9 Feb 1817 Pulborough, Sussex
Death 29 Nov 1895 (age 78) 32 Caledonian Road, Brighton

Child 5: Caroline Sarah AGATE

Name: Caroline Sarah AGATE
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Jan 1824 Pulborough, Sussex
Death 1855 (age 30-31)

Note on Husband: William AGATE - shared note

1. The dates of birth, marriage and death are taken from a record on provided by a descendant of his son George.


2. Note that there are plausible marriages for 4 of his children in Brighton between 1831 and 1844. This suggests that the whole family may have moved to Brighton. Kathy Brooking tells me that there are no Agates in Pulborough in the 1851 Census. I have searched piece 612 of the 1861 census, which includes Puborough, Coldwaltham, Amberly and West Chiltington, and found no Agates whatever.


3. The 1841 census seems to confirm this with an entry for William Agate Age 45 and Carline (sic) Agate Age 15 living together at Whibers St. (??? Not at all clear). She is a Dress Maker and he is (something like] a 'Cachouman'. [ Funny. The 1841 census at doesn't have any such entry. There are just a couple of William Agates in Godstone.)


4. If they all moved to Brighton, then we have a possible death of William Agate in FreeBMD in Brighton in 1863, [NB. FreeBMD is COMPLETE as regards Agates up to 1901 - Martyn Agate has done the lot. So where is the death of Phoebe Agate? Presumably she must have died before 1837.]


5. There is a marriage of William Agates to Phebe Weller at St Martins in the Fields, Westminster in 1810. A bit of a long shot, maybe?


6. The Bishop of Winchester's marriage licenses records a marriage involving a Sarah Agate of Ovington (Hants) in 1810. William Agate of Billingshurst, yeoman, is Bondsman. So perhaps we should be looking in the Ovington direction for his family ?

Note on Wife: Phoebe Frances (?) - shared note

1. The only guess so far is that her maiden name is Weller, based on the marriage of a William Agate to Phoebe Weller in St Martins in the Fields, London in 1810. If so, then the only reasonable candidate for a birth record in the IGI is a Phoebe Weller born 1786 in Horsham. At least that is a good location to meet up with the Agate family - but there is no mention of a middle name of Frances.


2. The record of the date and place of birth as Petworth come from data on provided by a descendant of her son George. The date of death comes from the same source.