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Family of James SCUTT and Ann MINTER

Husband: James SCUTT (1796- )
Wife: Ann MINTER (1798-1846)
Children: Elizabeth SCUTT (1822- )
James SCUTT (1823- )
George Edward SCUTT (1827- )
Alfred Thomas SCUTT (1829- )
Ann SCUTT (1831- )
Charlotte SCUTT (1832- )
John SCUTT (1833- )
Mary SCUTT (1834- )
Charles SCUTT (1837- )
Ruth SCUTT (1839- )
Jane SCUTT (1842-1842)
Thomas Newman SCUTT (1843-1849)
Marriage 30 Oct 1822 Barham

Husband: James SCUTT

Name: James SCUTT
Sex: Male
Father: John SCUTT (1769-1837)
Mother: Mary (?) ( - )
Birth 4 Dec 1796 Elsted, Sussex

Wife: Ann MINTER

Name: Ann MINTER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1798
Death 27 Mar 1846 (age 47-48) Buckland, Dover

Child 1: Elizabeth SCUTT

Name: Elizabeth SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Jun 1822 Denton, Kent

Child 2: James SCUTT

Name: James SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Dec 1823 Denton, Kent

Child 3: George Edward SCUTT

Name: George Edward SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Apr 1827 Denton, Kent

Child 4: Alfred Thomas SCUTT

Name: Alfred Thomas SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Jun 1829 Denton, Kent

Child 5: Ann SCUTT

Name: Ann SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 22 May 1831 Denton, Kent

Child 6: Charlotte SCUTT

Name: Charlotte SCUTT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Spearpoint PETTIT (1831-1915)
Birth 6 May 1832 Denton, Kent
Death "BEF. 1889"

Child 7: John SCUTT

Name: John SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Dec 1833 Denton, Kent

Child 8: Mary SCUTT

Name: Mary SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 5 Jul 1834 Denton, Kent

Child 9: Charles SCUTT

Name: Charles SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Jun 1837 Denton, Kent

Child 10: Ruth SCUTT

Name: Ruth SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Feb 1839 Denton, Kent

Child 11: Jane SCUTT

Name: Jane SCUTT
Sex: Female
Birth 30 May 1842 Denton, Kent
Death 26 Dec 1842 (age 0) Denton, Kent

Child 12: Thomas Newman SCUTT

Name: Thomas Newman SCUTT
Sex: Male
Birth 21 May 1843 Denton, Kent
Death 1849 (age 5-6) Dover

Note on Husband: James SCUTT - shared note

1. James Scutt appears as the father of Charlotte Scutt in her birth certificate (profession = shoemaker). The other children of James and Ann Scutt as listed are all taken from the Denton parish registers.


2. The record of his marriage is from Michael Gandy's marriage index : James Scutt batchelor of Denton to Anne Minter spinster of this parish by Banns in Barham 30/10/1822.


3. In the 1841 census, James and his family are in Denton, Kent as follows :

James Scutt 40 Shoemaker Not born Kent

Ann Scutt 40 Born Kent

Elizabeth " 15 " "

George 14 " "

Alfred 13 " "

Ann 10 " "

John 6 " "

Mary 5 " "

Charles 5 " "

Ruth 1 " "

This matches up fairly well with the list of children recorded as born to James and Ann in Denton. The obvious omissions are James and Charlotte. The latter can be found in the family of John Scutt in Barham.


4. I am guessing that James must be the son of John Scutt b. 1769, but this only comes from the theory that this John Scutt was the original Scutt to appear in Denton. There is no other supporting evidence. Starting from this assumption, then the obvious baptism record to look at is that of a James Scutt, son of John and Mary, in Elsted in 1796. See his half-sister Elizabeth for the evidence of a connection between the Scutts in Elsted, Sussex and Denton,Kent.


5. The evidence of the 1851 census suggests that the James Scutt's family had broken up by 1851, with several children living in the Buckland Workhouse. His wife is known to have died in 1846; so what happened to James ?

Note on Wife: Ann MINTER - shared note

1. The christening of Charlotte Scutt gives her mother's name as Ann.


2. I have the birth certificate of Ann's daughter Ruth, but unfortunately the mother's maiden name is not very legible. My best guess is Minter. The IGI has a number of vaguely suitable baptisms for various Ann Minters in Elham, Wingham and Folkestone.


3. I have the death certificate of an Ann Scutt, aged 48, who is the wife of James Scutt, Shoemaker. She died in the Union Workhouse in Dover in 1846.


4. The 1841 census says that Ann, aged 40, was born in Kent.