Family of Robert SPEARPOINT

Partner: Robert SPEARPOINT ( -1540)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Robert SPEARPOINT ( - )

Husband: Robert SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 9 Apr 1540 Lydd

Child 1: Robert SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne (?) ( - )
Birth "ABT. 1529"
Death "ABT. 1592" Shadoxhurst, Kent

Note on Husband: Robert SPEARPOINT - shared note

1. Described as a Yeoman of Lydd in the parish register.


2. There is a will of a Robert Spearpoint of Lydd dated 1540, so we assume it is his. It seems surprising that there is no mention of his son Robert. I gather that, in other circumstances, this might not be unusual - eg. if the eldest son is already farming the family farm and living in the family home, then it would seem silly to write a will leaving it to him. Unfortunately, in this case we believe that his son Robert is a minor at the time.


My conclusion is that the writer of this will can't be an ancestor because he didn't have any children. ( Just one note - there is a bit in the will about payments of 20s on the marriage of my poor maidens. I am guessing that this means the 'poor maidens of the village' rather than his daughters ? ]


This is my best attempt at reading the will so far :


In Dei Nomine Amen The seventh (?) day of the month of Feb

in the yere of our Lord god 1530 (?) I Robert Sperpoynt

of Lydd Gent in perfecte Remembrance ordeign (?) and make this

my ____ testament in form folowing first I bequeath my

soule to ____ trust to our blessed Lady the Virgin Mary And to

all the celestial (?) Company (?) ____ And my body is to be burried

in the church yard of Lydd forsaid Item I bequeath to the kepe

____ of the said Church of Lydd ____ Item I bequeath to Alice

Cyppe the wife of Symond Cyppe 20 (?) (?) Item I bequeath

to Elizabeth and Dorothy my sisters betwixt them £10

Item I give and bequeath to Sir John Hykleygh (?) of Lydd ____ ____

Item I give and bequeath to the maryege (?) of my poor maydens (?)

20s that is to say to any of theym 20s Item I bequeath to John Kempe

20s And my couberd fourme (?) table and trestell

my bedstedle and an old chest Item I bequeath to Elizabeth

____ my bedd with the apparell Item I bequeath to James (?) Robyn

the younger all my shepe. Item I give and bequeath to Jasperd

-(i)- and John Whitchurch -(i)- All the Residue of my household

stuffs equally to be divided betwixt theym Item I will that

any ____ at the ____ to be sold by John Kempe my Executor

And the money thereof to be expended for my soule helth (?) Item

I will ther be expended at my ____ ____ to preste clerke

and poor people 20s At my ____ ____ also 20s And

at my yeres ____ in like ____ other 20s And so yerely to be

expended to preste clerke and poore people 20 ____ the Residues

of my goode to be fully bestowed my debts first paid And

legacies fulfilled and discharged I ordeign John Kempe

to be my executor to se that my testament executed And

fulfilled ____ ____ witness William ____ Edward

Strete John ____ ____ ____ and others.



NB, The two missing words marked -(i)- are both the same. They are very short and hardly look like a surname. Could just possibly be 'wife' ?? ! ?


The paragraph granting probate is in Latin, which is beyond me for the moment. However, the only name which apppears in this paragraph appears to be that of John Hykleygh.