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Family of Robert SPEARPOINT and Anne (?)

Husband: Robert SPEARPOINT ( - )
Wife: Anne (?) ( - )
Children: George SPEARPOINT ( -1609)

Husband: Robert SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Father: Robert SPEARPOINT ( -1540)
Mother: -
Birth "ABT. 1529"
Death "ABT. 1592" Shadoxhurst, Kent

Wife: Anne (?)

Name: Anne (?)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: George SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice (?) ( - )
Death Jul 1609 Capel Le Ferne, Kent
Will 23 Jul 1609 PRC 17/56 FF376

Child 2: John SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Robert SPEARPOINT - shared note

1. Described as a Yeoman of Lydd in the parish register.


2. He left a probate account which I have done my best to transcribe below. Many of the words are very speculative - but since the contents are very uninformative, it doesn't really matter a lot. Never mind :- here it is.



Probate Account of Robert Sparepoint of Shadoxhurst 1593


The accompte of Anne Sparepointe ____ ____

widow ( _____) and administratrix of the goddes of Robert

Sparepointe late whiles hee lived of the parish of Shadox=

hurst deceassed by her made and declared before the

right worshipfull mr Stephen Laker (?) doctor of lawe

officiall to the reverend mr Archdeacon of Canterbury

the eight . . . day of January in the

yeare of our lord god 1593 of and uppon (?) all and

singular such gooddes and chattalles as late were the

saide deceassed his whiles hee lived and since his

deathe have comen to her handes and possession of

the accomptemente by vertue and force of law (?) of

administration thereof to her in that beehalfe lawfully

committed as followeth




First the saide accomptement dothe chardge herselfe with

all suche goddes and chattalles as late were the saide

Robert Sparepoint his whiles hee lived and since

his deathe have comen to the handes and possession

of this accomptemente : which goddes and chattalles

are contayned and specified in an Inventorie thereof

made and heerunto annexed and being by honest

men sene and indiss__blie (?) apprised (?) doe in the

holl ammounte unto the sume of xxii£ xvis xid

as by the said Inventorie may more ____ at

_____ appeare



Whereof this accomptemente humblie

craveth allowance of and for all such sumes

of money as shee hath necessarylie paide and

Lade oute in and about the administering of the

saide gooddes Whereof the particulars ensue



Imprimis paide for the buryall of the saide Robert

Sparepointe deceassed all manner of wayes iiis xid