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Family of John SPEARPOINT and Elizabeth BROWN

Husband: John SPEARPOINT (1644-1694)
Wife: Elizabeth BROWN ( - )
Children: Mary SPEARPOINT (1674- )
John SPEARPOINT (1681- )
Marriage 4 Nov 1673 Preston, Kent

Husband: John SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Father: Ingram SPEARPOINT ( - )
Mother: Ann (?) ( - )
Birth 4 Dec 1644 Womenswold, Kent
Death 19 Nov 1694 (age 49) Preston, Kent

Wife: Elizabeth BROWN

Name: Elizabeth BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Mary SPEARPOINT

Sex: Female
Birth 11 Oct 1674

Child 2: John SPEARPOINT

Sex: Male
Birth 17 Apr 1681

Note on Husband: John SPEARPOINT - shared note

1. The date of his death as 1694 is taken from Jenny Johnson's RootWeb page (where the information on his marriage and children is also taken from).


2. There is a probate account made after his death which is dated 26th October 1691. It just has to be the same guy because his widow and executrix is named Elizabeth and he has two children Mary and John. My transcription of this account is as follows :


Probate account of John Spearpoint of Preston, Kent. 26th October 1691


The Accompt of Elizabeth Sparepointe Relict and Administratrix of the goods ch(att)ells and Credits of John Sparepointe late of the parish of Preston next Ibingham in the County of Kent and Archdeaconry of Canterbury decea(se)d intestate made and declared upon her Administration in the same goods chattells and credits as followeth viz:


The Charge

Inprimis this Accomptant chargeth herselfe withall and singular the goods chattells and credits of the said John Sparepointe deceased mentioned in an Inventory thereof made and exhibited into this court amounting to the sum of £37 6s 2d


Out of which sume the Accomptant hath paid the particular sumes following in discharge of the said decea(se)ds just debts and otherwise and prayeth an allowance of them viz :


The Discharge

Inprimis paid for the funeral of the said decea(se)d all manner of ways 20s

Item paid for ringing the knell and for digging the grave 4s

Item paid for a coffin to inter the said decea(se)d in 8s

Item paid severall finall (?) debts that was due and owing att the said

deceaseds death 3s 6d

Item paid for the ____ of Administration taken of the said dece(ase)ds

goods Reg(iste)ring (?) and Ingrossing (?) the Inventory and

all other charges incident thereupon 11s 10d

Item paid to Mr Spatt of Ibingham for Phisicke administered to the

said decea(se)d 5s 6d

Item this Accomptant prayeth to be allowed for her journey to take the

Administration and to paye the Accompt the sume of 6s 6d

Item for the drawing and passing (?) of this Accompt with the _____

___ under the seale of office Reg(iste)ring (?) and Ingrossing (?)

the Inventory and all other charges incident thereupon 26s 2d


Sume of the Discharge £4 5s 6d


Sume remaining in the hands of this Accomptant for distribution

the sume of £33 8d




From here on there are some remaining paragraphs in Latin, including the date of '26 dei Octobris 169i'. Finally the balance seems to be split three ways between Marie Sparepoint - filie £11 3d, Johanni Sparepoint - filio £11 3d, and a third person or item of £11 2d. This third item I can't make head or tale of except that it doesn't really seem to include a person's name, and the word 'residue' appears in the middle somewhere.



i. Words I really can't understand simply have a blank _______

ii. Words which I am not very sure of have a question mark (?)

iii. Several words have a squiggle over the top indicating an abbreviation. My guess as to the missing bit is in brackets eg. ch(att)ells.

iv. Note that the word 'sume' always has a squiggle over it. Can't see why.