Family of William LUFF

Partner: William LUFF ( -1754)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Mary LUFF (1706- )
Elizabeth LUFF (1707-1723)
John LUFF (1709- )
William LUFF (1712-1757)
Richard LUFF (1714- )
Ann LUFF (1717- )
Robert LUFF (1719-1720)

Husband: William LUFF

Name: William LUFF
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1754 Easebourne
Burial 24 Oct 1754 Easebourne

Child 1: Mary LUFF

Name: Mary LUFF
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Mar 1705/06 Easebourne

Child 2: Elizabeth LUFF

Name: Elizabeth LUFF
Sex: Female
Birth 1707 Easebourne
Death 1723 (age 15-16)

Child 3: John LUFF

Name: John LUFF
Sex: Male
Birth 1709 Easebourne

Child 4: William LUFF

Name: William LUFF
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah MILES (1712-1788)
Birth 1712 Easebourne
Death 1757 (age 44-45)
Burial 28 Sep 1757 Heyshott

Child 5: Richard LUFF

Name: Richard LUFF
Sex: Male
Birth 1714 Easebourne

Child 6: Ann LUFF

Name: Ann LUFF
Sex: Female
Spouse: John HOUNSOME ( - )
Birth 1717 Easebourne

Child 7: Robert LUFF

Name: Robert LUFF
Sex: Male
Birth 1719 Easebourne
Death 1720 (age 0-1)

Note on Husband: William LUFF - shared note

1. This William Luff is only here as a possible candidate for the father of William Luff, the husband of Sarah Miles. He wrote a will in 1753 of which the substance is as follows :


Will of William Luff of Easebourne in the County of Sussex, Carpenter - written February 27, 1753.


After first discharging my debts

(i) All working tools in or about my house and shop to my son John Luff.

(ii) All other goods and chattells in my house in Easebourne to my wife Joan Luff for the rest of her life.

(iii) After the death of my wife, all the remainder of my estate to be divided equally between my 5 children John Luff, William Luff, Richard Luff, Mary Betsworth and Ann Hounsome.

My wife to be my sole executrix.


Note that his daughter Ann married John Hounsome in Heyshott in 1747, and that John Hounsome was a witness at the second marriage of Sarah Miles. This gives a tenuous connection between the William Luff (snr) who wrote this will and the William Luff (jnr) who was the first husband of Sarah Miles. The guess - still to be proven - is that William Luff (snr) is the father of William Luff (jnr).


2. This paragraph has some very speculative thoughts on the possible wife/wives of William Luff.


2(i) Note that there is a marriage of William Luff to Joan Hearsey in Easebourne on June 11, 1746. Just possibly this is his second marriage to the Joan who appears in his will (- In which case Joan Hearsey may be the widow of Nicolas Hearsey who died 2/1/1746 - in which case she was formerly Joan Heather - which gives us a Heather connection for later property transactions.)


2(ii) If Joan is to be the second wife of William Luff, then we have a couple of candidates for the death of his first wife.

(a) Eliz the wife of Will Luff buried in Easebourne January 14 1740/41

(b) Mary the wife of William Luff buried in Easebourne December 26 1735.


2(iii) There is a marriage at St Peter the Great, Chichester on 28/5/1705 between William Luffe of Fernhurst and Mary Tribe of North Chapel. (Unfortunately he is a Blacksmith of Fernherst). Quite why they should marry in Chichester yet live in Easebourne is not clear, but the date is certainly very convenient for the birth of Mary Luffe in Easebourne in March 1705/6.


3. There are some documents in the Cowdray archives which mention various people named Luff or Luffe in relation to Burgage plots in Midhurst. I have made notes of these under the entry for William's son John - to whom at least 2 of the documents seem relevant.