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Family of Giovanni Battista AZARO and Caterina JACOBI

Husband: Giovanni Battista AZARO ( - )
Wife: Caterina JACOBI ( - )
Children: Caterina AZARO (1809- )

Husband: Giovanni Battista AZARO

Name: Giovanni Battista AZARO
Sex: Male
Father: Pellegrino AZARO ( - )
Mother: -

Wife: Caterina JACOBI

Name: Caterina JACOBI
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Caterina AZARO

Name: Caterina AZARO
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Aug 1809

Note on Husband: Giovanni Battista AZARO - shared note

1. The information about this Giovanni Battista Azaro is taken from the record of the birth of his daughter Caterina Azaro in 1809. This record describes Giovanni as the son of Pellegrino, and for this reason I am guessing that Giovanni is a brother of Emmanuelle.