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Family of Reuben BAKER and Frances AGATE

Husband: Reuben BAKER (1810- )
Wife: Frances AGATE (1817-1895)
Children: Sarah Ann BAKER (1836- )
Fanny BAKER (1838- )
William Arthur BAKER (1842- )
Alice BAKER (1842- )
Ruth BAKER (1844- )
Reuben BAKER (1847- )
George BAKER (1849-1930)
Marriage 21 Jun 1835 St. Nicholas, Brighton

Husband: Reuben BAKER

Name: Reuben BAKER
Sex: Male
Father: Arthur BAKER (1767-1844)
Mother: Elizabeth CHANTLER (1770-1850)
Birth 1810 Billingshurst, Sussex
Death "BEF. 1861"
Census 1851 (age 40-41) 20 Vine Street, Brighton

Wife: Frances AGATE

Name: Frances AGATE
Sex: Female
Father: William AGATE (1790-1863)
Mother: Phoebe Frances (?) (1790-1835)
Birth 9 Feb 1817 Pulborough, Sussex
Death 29 Nov 1895 (age 78) 32 Caledonian Road, Brighton

Child 1: Sarah Ann BAKER

Name: Sarah Ann BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 25 Sep 1836 Godstone, Surrey

Child 2: Fanny BAKER

Name: Fanny BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Aug 1838 Godstone, Surrey

Child 3: William Arthur BAKER

Name: William Arthur BAKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann Susan HARDS (1842- )
Birth 4 Sep 1842 Great Bookham, Surrey

Child 4: Alice BAKER

Name: Alice BAKER
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Sep 1842 Great Bookham, Surrey

Child 5: Ruth BAKER

Name: Ruth BAKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward George BENNETT (1843- )
Birth 12 May 1844 Great Bookham, Surrey

Child 6: Reuben BAKER

Name: Reuben BAKER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara HARDS (1846- )
Birth 7 Mar 1847 Epsom, Surrey

Child 7: George BAKER

Name: George BAKER
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Rebecca SPARSHOTT (1851- )
Spouse 2: Eliza Emma MILES (1863- )
Birth 4 Mar 1849 Epsom, Surrey
Death 1930 (age 80-81)
Census 1881 (age 31-32) 43 Wood Street, Brighton

Note on Husband: Reuben BAKER - shared note

1. There is an IGI entry for his marriage to Frances Agate in Brighton in 1835.


2. His first two children were born in Godstone, 1836 and 1838, and the parish register gives his profession as Maltster. Wife's name is Frances.


3. There is an 1841 census entry for him in Epsom on (I've run out of credit for the moment and haven't printed it out).


4. In 1849, the birth certificate of his son George gives his profession as Bricklayer. This certificate clearly says that his wife's name was Frances Baker, formerly Agate.


5. The 1851 census shows him at 20 Vine Street, Brighton, with his wife and 5 living children. His profession is Bricklayer. The problem is that it says that his wife's name is Alice. By the time of the 1861 census his wife (whose name has reverted to Frances) is a widow. (See the full entries for the 1841, 1851 and 1861censuses in the notes relating to his wife).


6. The marriage certificate of his son George in 1869 shows him as deceased. His profession is given as Plasterer.


7. I have made contact with Karen Norrish who has seen a will of an Arthur Baker, bricklayer, 1767 - 1844, of Billingshurst. He married Elizabeth Chantler and had 4 (surviving) children, James, David (b. 1796), Elizabeth and Reuben. She believes that some of the family moved later to Hove and then Brighton. This looks promising, but no concrete evidence of a connection yet. Karen has searched the Billingshurst parish registers (and some of the surrounding parishes) and has failed to find any record of his birth. See the notes on Arthur Baker for a possible explanation.


8. The PRO Index has the death of a Reuben Baker in Brighton, 3rd Qtr 1851 - but it is not him. (This is a 6-month old child, the son of a Reuben Baker, Tailor). There is another death of Rheuben Baker in Brighton, 4th Qtr 1851 (Vol VII p.211) - Not checked yet.

Note on Wife: Frances AGATE - shared note

1. My evidence concerning Rhuben's wife starts with the birth certificate of George b. 4/3/1849 in Epsom, the son of Rhuben Baker and Frances, formerly Agate.


2. This leads to an IGI entry for the marriage of Rhuben Baker to Frances Agate in Brighton in 1835, which is very suitable.


3. The IGI has the christening records of a number of children of Rhuben Baker and Frances. These are


Sarah Ann Baker 25/9/1836 in Godstone

Fanny Baker 19/8/1838 in Godstone

William Arthur 4/9/1842 in Great Bookham

Alice 4/9/1842 in Great Bookham

Ruth 12/5/1844 in Great Bookham

Reuben 7/3/1847 in Epsom

(Note. Just for the record, the PRO index also has a George Baker born in Godstone in 1837, but the IGI suggests that this is another family entirely in Tandridge.)


4. The 1841 census shows the family living at Bookham Common - Westside, Epsom. Surrey consisting of Ruben Baker (32), Frances Baker (26), Hannah (5), Fanny (3) and Alice (2). All say they were born in Surrey - which is obviously daft. Ruben's prefession is illegible - something like "J Prock L".


5. We then run into a problem with the 1851 census where Rhuben's wife is down as Alice. The full entry in 1851 shows the family living at 20 Vine Street, Brighton as follows :


Rhuben Baker (head) 41 Bricklayer b. Billingshurst

Alice (wife) 39 b. Godstone

Alice (daughter) 11 b. Godstone

William (son) 9 b. Great Bookham

Ruth (daughter) 7 b. Great Bookham

Rhuben (son) 4 b. Epsom

George (son) 2 b. Epsom


The change in the wife's name suggests a second marriage but I have checked from 1849 - 1851 inclusive in the PRO index both for the death of a Frances Baker and for the re-marriage of Rhuben without success. I have also checked in parish registers for Godstone and all neighbouring parishes for the birth of any Frances or Alice Agate, but without finding anyone at all suitable.


6. Fortunately the 1861 census shows that Frances Baker is still alive and well, which seems to imply that the 1851 version simply has to be put down as a mistake. The 1861 record shows the following living at 19 Crown Garden, Brighton (Piece 598, fo.121) :


Frances Baker, age 37, Head, Widow, no profession, born Pulborough.

Arthur Baker, age 18, son, Paperhanger, born Bookham

Reuben Baker, age 14, son, no profession, born Epsom

George Baker, age 12, son, no profession, born Epsom


The age of Frances looks like a mistake, but everything else is in order.

7. The IGI lists a Frances Agate christened 9/2/1817 in Pulborough.


8. The date of death of 1895 and corresponding place are both taken from an entry on provided by a descendent of her son George. This entry also agrees with her date and place of birth as Pulborough in 1817.


9. A complication is that there are some funny IGI records on an untitled Film No. 6142791. This always refers to Rhuben's wife as Mrs Alice Frances Baker. It is a big un-titled film consisting of 36 fiches, which includes approximate records of the birth of George, his sister Alice (b. 1840), and his mother Alice Frances, but it doesn't tell us her maiden name. It also has an invented record of the marriage of his parents Rhuben and Alice, giving the date as 'about 1834' - and still no maiden name. Presumably some LDS member has been researching the same family and simply combined the names Alice and Frances.