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Document Number:1402024
Date:31 January 1901
For Sale:30.00
Very good
Parchment : 2 pages 31cm x 47cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
George Edward GRAY of Forest Gate, Essex (Gentleman)
Georgeanna Lydia BUTCHER the wife of Thomas Bissell BUTCHER of Duffield, Yorkshire.
Arthur SCOTT of Forest Gate, Essex. (Gentleman)
Edith Mary Ann BAYMAN the wife of Alfred BAYMAN of Forest Gate, Essex.
Sarah Jane WILSON the wife of William Sebastian WILSON of Stratford, Essex.
Alfred DURHAM of Forest Gate, Essex.
George GRAY (deceased) of Forest Gate, Essex.

The document begins by reciting that George Gray died in 1897 having appointed George Edward Gray, Georgeanna Butcher and Arthur Scott, as his Executors and Trustees. After the death of his wife Lydia he gave his residuary estate in equal parts to Edith Bayman, Sarah Wilson and Georgeanna Butcher.

In this Indenture, the three beneficiaries are now selling property in West Ham, Essex, for 585 to Alfred Durham. It consists of two houses at numbers 31 and 33 Studley Road, Upton Lane.
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