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Document Number:1402021
Title:Counterpart Lease
Date:01 December 1838
For Sale:61.00
Very good
Parchment: 2 sheets 57cm x 74cm with revenue stamp, 2 signatures and seals.
Summary of contents:
The Rev. Leveson Vernon HARCOURT Chancellor of York Cathedral and Prebendary of Laughton-en-the-Morthen
Antony Francis Butler SAINT LEGER of Chicheley, Bucks - Esquire
Andrew Mortimer Drummond of Charing Cross, Niddlesex - Esquire
John Robert MILLS of the City of York, Yorkshire - Gentleman
Joshua MILLS of the City of York, Yorkshire - Gentleman

The document begins by telling us that in 1823 a lease on property in Laughton-en-the-Morthen was granted for the duration of 3 lives. Two of the lives named have since died and Antony St. Leger and Andrew Drummond have obtianed a new lease from the Rev. Harcourt for a further 3 lives.

The property consists of:

1. The Rectory of Laughton-en-le-Morthen with the Glebe Lands and Thithes due to it.
2. Land allotted by the Enclosure Commissions for Laughton in 1769.
3. Land allotted by the Enclose Commission for Dinnington in 1778.
4. Various money payments in lieu of tithes.

The Rev. Harcourt appoints John and Joshua Mills as his attornies to enter into the property, obtain possession and seizin thereof and deliver it to Antony St. Leger. Evidently this is merely a legal formality.

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