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Document Number:1402017
Title:Counterpart Lease
Date:03 April 1802
For Sale:58.00
A bit scruffy on the outside as folded but otherwise good, consistent with age.
Parchment : 2 sheets of which the largest is 60cm x 73cm, 4 wax seals and signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Rev George MARKSHAM, Chancellor of the Cathedral Church of St Peter, York, and Prebendary of Laughton.
Dorothea JOHNSON of the City of York, (Widow) and sole Executrix of Peter Johnson of York, Esquire.
Anthony Butler SAINT LEGER of Bryanston Street, Portman Square, Middesex. Esquire.
John Gally KNIGHT of Langold, Yorkshire. Esquire.
Rev Christopher ALDERSON of Erkington, Derbyshire. Clerk.
Rev John CLARKE, Vicar of Laughton, Yorkshire.
Richard TAYLOR of Letwell, Yorkshire. Gentleman.

We are told that in 1792 George Markham had leased the rectory of Laughton to Peter Johnson for the term of three lives. The first two of the three are now dead and the lease is being renewed to Dorothea Johnson on similar terms.

The lease includes the mansion house, glebe lands and right to tithes from several surrounding villages. A rent of 29/7/4d is to be paid yearly to George Markham and 10 per annum is to be paid to the Vicar of Laughton.

Anthony Saint Leger, John Gally Knight and Christopher Alderson, guarantee these payments and also undertake to keep the mansion house and the church in good repair.

John Clarke and Richard Taylor are appointed as Attornies for George Markham only for the purpose of executing this transation.
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