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Document Number:1402012
Date:22 February 1847
For Sale:60.00
Good consistant with age. Writing is feint but legible throughout.
Parchment : 1 sheet 58cm x 50cm (The Adminisration) and also a copy of Will 33cm x 27cm. Pendant seal of Leicester Commissary Court
Summary of contents:
Sarah EARP the wife of Samuel EARP of Lenton, Nottinghamshire - Gentleman.
Mary WALLIS wife of Banyard Gotobed WALLIS of Loughborough, Leicester - Surgeon
FORMERLY Mary HEARD of Nottingham - Spinster.

The document begins by reciting the marriage settlement of 1821 made between BANYARD WALLIS and MARY HEARD in which (among others) 150 was to be given to Mary Heard after the death of Banyard Wallis, and which she could dispose of in her Will. Banyard Wallis died in 1846. Mary Wallis (nee Heard) had died in 1824 but had written a Will giving 100 of this settlement to her neice Sarah Watkins (then a widow, later Sarah Earp).

The Executors of Mary Wallis's Will have since died and never applied for a grant of probate on it. Accordingly, Sarah Earp is now being granted Administration of the Will, being the principal beneficiary of it. It is noted that her husband Samuel Earp "is now imbecile and incapable of attending to any manner of business".

A copy of the Will of Mary Wallis is included.
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