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Document Number:1402011
Date:27 October 1881
For Sale:50.00
Generally good consistent with age, but with 3 small holes along one fold. These do not affect legibility.
Parchment: 2 sheets 60cm x 72cm with 1 wax seal and signature, revenue stamps and plan of the property.
Summary of contents:
John Henry HEATH of Grange Road, Besmondsey, Surrey. (Gentleman)
Clayton PALMER of Cliftonville, Southend, Essex. (L.L.D)
Jospeh Morton KILLICK of Brewery Road, St Pancras, Middlesex. (Gentleman)
Edward POOLE of Paragon Grove, Surbiton, Surrey. (Gentleman)

John Heath is mortgaging property in Bermondsey, Surrey, to the other 3 parties for 9000. It consists of 14 terraced houses in St James Road (Nos 13 - 39, odd numbers only), and 5 more in Tranton Road, (Nos 1, 3, 5 and 7 and 7a). These are described as "part erected and built" - as yet only one of them has been completed and leased to a tenant.
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