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Document Number:1402005
Title:Marriage Settlement
Date:04 December 1708
For Sale:48.00
Fair: one tear 13cm long from one edge and another 4 cm long at the corner of a fold. Otherwise, good for its age.
Parchment : 1 sheet 74cm x 58cm with three seals and signatures
Summary of contents:
John DAWSON of Kingston Upon Hull - Gentleman
Robert DAWSON son of John DAWSON
Stephen DAWSON of Kingston Upon Hull - Linen Draper
Pricilla DAWSON wife of Stephen DAWSON
William MOWLS (?) of Kingston upon Hull - Alderman and Merchant
Jeremiah SHAW of Kingston upon Hull - Linen Draper

This contract is in consideration of the marriage of Stephen Dawson, son and heir of John Dawson, to Pricilla, daughter of Jeremiah Shaw.

It is actually the second part (ie the Release) of a transfer of property by Lease and Release from John, Robert and Stephen Dawson, to Jeremiah Shaw and William Mowls. The property is to be the Jointure of Pricillla Dawson.

(NB We are told that John Dawson is the son of Thomas Dawson of Lincoln, Gentleman, now deceased).
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