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Document Number:1402003
Date:23 January 1850
For Sale:25.00
Poor. The document has become wet at some time along one fold. It is probably still legible throughout - but only just.
Parchment : 1 sheet 58cm x 73cm with 1 seal, 1 signature and revenue stamp. A second Indenture of 8/3/1851 has been added on the back.
Summary of contents:
PARTIES to the main Indenture:

William Bishop HARDING of Green Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex. (Baker).
William RIPPON of Gossett Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex. (Rag Merchant).

ADDITIONAL PARTY to the 1851 Indenture:

Francis REEVES of Kingsland Road, Middlesex. (Rag Merchant).

In the main Indenture William Harding is granting a 21-year lease on property in Shoredich to William Rippon at a rent of 50 per annum. The property is number 10 on the East side of Kingsland Road, Parish of St Leonards.

In the second Indenture, William Rippon assigns the residue of the lease to Francis Reeves for 80.

A small paper receipt is attached for payment for work done at the premises.

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