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Document Number:0904145
Date:13 November 1947
For Sale:20.00
Gooed consistent with age
Paper : 2 sheets plus cover, 28cms x 21cms. Revenue Stamps, Signed and Sealed.
Summary of contents:
Lilian Maud CORKINDALE of 39 Pargeter Road,Smethwick, Staffordshire. (Spinster)
Edward Thomas HUGHES of 148 Monument Road, Ladywood, Birmingham (Hairdresser) and his wife Mary HUGHES

We are told that in 1938 Lilian Corkindae acquired an underlease on property in Smethwick for the residue of a term of 99 years which had begun in 1911. She is now selling the underlease to Edward and Mary Hughes for 1600. We arre told that these two will hold the property in trust to sell it at some future date (but we are told told who is the beneficiary of that trust). The property consists of a dwellinghouse at number 39 Pargeter Road, Smethwick.
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