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Document Number:0904085
Date:08 August 1908
For Sale:30.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 22cms x 28cms 6 pages closely handwritten. Eight red wax seals with signatures. Revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Alice ISHERWOOD of 24 Milner Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire. (Spinster)
William ISHERWOOD of 24 Milner Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire. (Maker Up)
Samuel THORNLEY of 12 Stopes Road, Radcliffe, Lancashire. (Miner)
John ISHERWOOD of 24 Milner Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire. (Mangler)
Richard ISHERWOOD of 61 Hooley Lane, Hollingworth, Cheshire. (Maker Up)
Bertha THORNLEY the wife of Samuel Thornley
Emma SCHOLES the wife of Peter SCHOLES (Miner) of 22 Milner Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire.
Elizabeth THOMPSON the wife of James THOMPSON (Firebeater) of 12 Haddock Street, Radcliffe, Lancasire.

The document relates to a plot of leasehold land at 24 Milner Street, Radcliffe, Lancashire.

It begins by reciting that the residue of a 999 year lease on this land as part of a larger plot of 379 square yards containing 4 dwellinghouses, was sold to Alfred Isherwood in 1876. The latter died in January 1908, leaving this house at 24 Milner Street, to his daughter Alice, and the residue of his estate to his other children:-
John, William and Richard Isherwood, Bertha Thornley, Emma Scholes and Elizabeth Thompson.

He also appointed Alice Isherwood and his son in law Samuel Thornley as executors of his will.

In this indenture the executors are conveying number 24 Milner Street to Alice Isherwood. There is also mention that on the same day number 22 Milner Street is to be sold to Peter Scholes, and numbers 26 and 28 are to be sold to Bertha Thornley.
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