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Document Number:0902010
Title:Deed of Charge
Date:04 June 1879
For Sale:38.00
Good consistent with age. The ink is a little feint in places, but completely legible.
Parchment : 2 sheets 32cm x 25cm with 3 wax seals, 1 signature and reveue stamps
Summary of contents:
Hannah MARSHALL of Eccleshill, Parish of Bradford, Yorkshire
/ Hannah Marshall the wife of William MARSHALL of Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire. Brick & Tile Manufacturer.
Beatrice WOODHEAD of Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire. Spinster.
Jane WOODHEAD of Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire. Spinster.

The document begins by telling us that Hannah Marshall, Jane Woodhead and Beatrice Woodhead, are all sisters. Further, that a settlement was made for the benefit of Hannah Marshall in 1873 at the time of her marriage to William Marshall; this settlement consisted of four mortgages with a total value of 8,500.

Hannah Marshall is now assigning these mortgages to her two sisters "for the natural love and affection which she beareth towards them", but may redeem them on payment of 1,150 - ie this is really a promise at some future date, and the debt is charged upon the assets of the settlement.
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