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Document Number:0902001
Date:17 September 1909
For Sale:99.00
Generally good. Ink is slightly feint in places and cover somewhat scuffed.
Parchment : 9 pages 21cm x 27cm plus large plan 75cm x 88cm, bound within board covers
Summary of contents:
Edwin WARDLE of Linton Spring, Parish of Spoforth, Yorkshire. Locomotive Engineer
/ Edwin Wardle now of Aldenham Corner, Radlett, Hertfordshire.
Joseph WATSON of Leeds, Yorkshire. Soap Manufacturer.
The Yorkshire Penny Bank.

Edwin Wardle is selling the Linton Spring Estate, Spofforth, West Yorkshire, to Joseph Watson for 6,000. The property had been mortgaged for 11,500 in 1906 to the Yorkshire Penny Bank, which mortgage remains outstanding, and is being transferred to Joseph Watson.

The property is described in detail in lengthy schedules and on a very fine plan (scale 1 to 25000). Most of it is in Linton but there is also a small part in Sicklinghall, Parish of Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire.

Unusually, the document and map have been bound in board and cloth covers by the solicitor. These covers are somewhat scuffed at the corners but it remains a very nice and unusual document.
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