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Document Number:0809008
Date:23 July 1907
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Paper : 5 sheets 41cm x 26cm. The original of an affidavit signed and sworn before a Commissioner for Oaths.
Summary of contents:
Elizabeth TYNNEY of Rorke Cottage, Buxton Road, Leek, Staffordshire. Widow.
Alice TYNNEY of Cheetham, Manchester, Lancashire. Widow (deceased).

The document concerns the Will of Alice Tynney who died in 1892 leaving 5000 to Samuel Tynney (now deceased, formerly the husband of Elizabeth Tynney).

The affidavit mentions an indenture of 1892 in which Samuel Tynney gave this 5,000 to his wife Elizabeth. The Executors of Alice Tynney's Will are disputing whether they should pay this sum to Elizabeth Tynney on the grounds that Samuel Tynney was not of 'competent mental state'!

The dispute has been running from 1894 to 1907.
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