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Document Number:0807026
Date:13 January 1816
For Sale:74.00
Very good for its age
Parchment : 1 sheet 63cm x 88cm with 2 wax seals, 1 signature and reveue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John WOOD of The Fordhouse, Parish of Newent, Gloucestershire. Gentleman.
Phebe THOMPSON of Gloucestershire, Spinster.

John Wood is mortgaging property in Newent, Gloucester, to Phebe Thompson for 1050.

The property consists of a tenement called Watervines together with 13 closes of land totalling 52 acres and with field names including - Pool Field, Clay Croft, The Great Ground, Hill Ground, Middle Nowshill and Nowshill.

The Three Acres : 3
The Great Ground : 7
Hill Ground : 4
Middle Nowshill : 4
Nowshill : 4
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