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Document Number:0807022
Date:29 September 1859
For Sale:50.00
Fair. A liquid has been spilled along one edge, but without affecting the legibility. Otherwise good.
Parchment : 1 sheet 61cm x 78cm with a total of 9 wax seals, 9 signatures and revenue stamps. A second Indenture of 1860 has been added on the back.
Summary of contents:
William MELSOME of Norton Bavant, Wiltshire. Gentleman.
William KILMISTER formerly of Beverstone, Gloucestershire. Now of Fittleton, Wiltshire. Gentleman.
Robert KILMISTER of Pinbury Park, Parish of Duntisbourne Rouse, Gloucestershire. Gentleman.
George SEALY of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Boot and Shoe Maker.
Richard KILMISTER (deceased) of Chevington, Gloucestershire. Esquire.

The document begins by reciting that Richard Kilmister died in 1858 having appointed his son Robert Kilmister and his cousins William Melsome and William Kilmister as trustees.

In the Indenture of 1859 the trustees are then selling two cottages in Tetbury at the upper end of Gumstool Street to George Sealy for 145. The sale is made on the assumption that two-thirds of the property belongs to the trustees and one-third belongs to Robert Kilmister in his own right as heir at law of his mother Rachel.

It was later discovered that Rachel Kilmister had made other provision for her share before her death. The Indenture of 1860 added on te back is to sort that out - at great length!
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