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Document Number:0807012
Title:Deed Poll
Date:11 June 1813
For Sale:70.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 60cm x 50cm with 1 wax seal, the signature mark of Thomas James, and revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
Thomas JAMES of Newent, Gloucestershire.
John PERKINS of Hayes, Parish of Newent, Gloucestershire. Gentleman.

The document begins by reciting an 'Assignment of Mortgage' of 1800 in which William James, the father of Thomas James, had a mortgage on his property for 30 which was transferred to John Perkins. We are then told that William James died intestate with the property and mortgage passing to his eldest son, William. Then in 1812, Thomas James bought it, with the mortgage for 30 still owing, from his brother William.

Now Thomas James wishes to borrow a further 12 from John Perkins and is formalising the additional charge on this Deed Poll.

A similar deed of 1816 has been added on the back in which Thomas James is borrowing another 8.

The property consists of a dwellinghouse called Little Newtown in the Parish of Newent, Gloucestershire.
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