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Document Number:0806015
Date:07 December 1883
For Sale:35.00
Very good except that the manuscript portions are somewhat feint (but still legible).
Parchment : 2 sheets 40cm x 25cm with 2 wax seals and 1 signature. Printed document with manuscript insertions.
Summary of contents:
Jon Nicholas HANCOCK of Pilton, Barnstaple, Devon. Builder.
Richard BUDD of Barnstaple, Devon. Doctor of Medicine.
John May MILLER of Barnstaple, Devon. Lace Manufacturer.
William GOULD of Barnstaple, Devon. Gentleman.

Note: that Richard Budd, John Miller and William Gould are acting as the Trustees of te North Devon Benefit Building Society.

John Hancock is mortgaging property in the parish of Pilton, Devon, to the North Devon Building Society for 450. It consists of 3 houses numbers 27 28 and 29 on the South side of the road leading from Braunton to Barnstaple.

A note on the back records that the loan had been repaid by 1902.
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