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Document Number:0804015
Date:18 April 1816
For Sale:70.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 49cm x 80cm with 3 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
Thomas STURMEY of Priors Lee, Shropshire. (Labourer)
Matthias PICKEN of Kemberton, Shropshire. (Labourer)
William TAYLOR of Shiffnal, Shropshire. (Maltster)

Thomas Sturmey is selling property in Kemberton, Shropshire, to Matthias Picken for 13. It consists of a messuage and garden known as the TEWTERING HOUSE on the South side of Hall Lane.

William Taylor is acting only as a trustee and plays little real part. The clause mentioning William Taylor is included specifically to prevent the wife of Matthias Picken obtaining a right to dower in this property.
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