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Document Number:0804014
Date:30 April 1813
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Physical description:
Parchment : 3 sheets 64 cm x 77cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and Revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
Edward WARD of Shiffnal, Shropshire. Blacksmith and Ann his wife.
Frances PERRY of Pain's Lane, Parish of Wrockwardine, Shropshire. Widow.
Thomas NIGHTINGALE of The Naird, Parish of Shiffnal, Shropshire. Farmer.
John Stanley SMART of Red Lion Square, Middlesex, Gentleman.
John FOWLER of Shiffnal, Shropshire. Cordwainer (deceased).

The document begins by reciting the will of John Fowler who died in 1785 leaving property first to his brother, Bartholomew Fowler, for his lifetime, and then his two sisters, Anne Ward and Frances Perry.

Edward Ward, Anne Ward, and Frances Perry, are now mortgaging the property to Thomas Nightingale for 300. The property consists of two dwelling house, a carpenter's shop and a malthouse, all in Shiffnal, on the North or North-West side of the road leading from the market place to the parish church.

John Stanley Smart comes into it as a trustee in a complicated arrangement to bar an entail on the property. It appears that it would otherwise have been entailed to Richard Roberts Fowler, the eldest son of an Elizabeth Roberts.