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Document Number:0804004
Date:29 May 1852
For Sale:60.00
Condition:Very good
Parchment : 1 sheet 49cm x 62cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and revenue stamp
Summary of contents:
Thomas GRAHAM of Coalbrook Dale, Shropshire. Gentleman.
Charles CROOKES of Coalbrook Dale, Shropshire. Accountant.
William NORRIS of Coalbrook Dale, Shropshire. Accountant.
Henry SMITH of Ironbridge, Shropshire. Grocer.
John YATES of Ironbridge, Shropshire. Maltster.
William BROWN of Dawley, Shropshire. Collier.

The document begins by reciting that in 1851 William Brown mortgaged property at Dawley Green, Shropshire to "a certain Building Society". The other 5 people named above are the trustees of that society.

William Brown now wishes to sell a piece of land of 40 ft x 70ft which is the southern part of the plot mortgaged. Accordingly, the trustees are reconveying that piece to him for the nominal sum of 10/-d. Evidently, the original mortgage remains outstanding.

The property originally mortgaged was a dwellinghouse in a plot of land of 1 rood, 8 perches.
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