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Document Number:0710097
Date:27 March 1830
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Parchment : 1 sheet 64cm x 80cm with 4 wax seals, 2 signatures and revenue stamp
Summary of contents
Elizabeth HALL of Stapleton, Leicestershire. Widow.
Samuel SMITH of Thurmaston, Leicestershire. Boatman.
John GRIFFIN the Elder of Stapleton, Leicestershire. Labourer.
William SMITH of Thurmaston, Leicestershire. Boatman.
John GRIFFIN the Younger of Hinckley, Leicestershire. Cordwainer.
John WATERS of Badgely, Warwickshire. Tailor.

The Indenture relates to property in Stapleton, Leicestershire, which had belonged to Joseph FARREN of Stapleton, Wheelwright (now deceased),. It was divided equally between his three daughters, Elizabeth Hall, Sarah the wife of John Griffin the Elder (since deceased), and Ann the wife of William Smith (since deceased).

The result is that John Griffin the Elder and William Smith now each has a life interest in a one-third share, with these shares passing to John Griffin the Younger and Samuel Smith, after their deaths. Elizabeth Hall owns the other one-third share.

John Griffin the Younger is now buying the other two shares for 66/13/4d each.

The property consists of one tenement called The Queen's Head, and two other small dwellinghouses, one of which is occupied by John Griffin the Elder.

We are told that Jon Waters appears only as a Trustee for John Griffin the Younger and plays little real part.