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Sale or mortgage of married woman's property
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Document Number:0710066
Title:Married Womans Cert
Date:25 January 1881
For Sale:8.00
Condition:Fair - legible, dusty on the cover, and somewhat crumpled
Description:Parchment : 2 sheets 24cm x 36cm and 36cm x 24cm with revenue stamp
This ORIGINAL document is a standard certificate which arises from the sale or mortgage of property which had belonged to a married woman. At this period (ie after 1833 but prior to the Married Women's Property Act of 1882) any property of a married woman passed immediately to her husband. As some sort of safeguard she would be examined by a commissioner appointed for the purpose who would satisfy himself that she was of full age and understood what was going on.

The document is signed by the commissioner, but not by either the husband or wife. It gives the parish in which the property is located and date of the transaction, but no further detail.
People in this document:
In this case the people involved are William Broadbell WALKER and his wife Jane.

The property is in the parish of Kippax, Yorkshire, and was either sold or mortgaged on 25 June 1881.

The document was sworn before Two of the perpetual Commissioners appointed for taking the acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women at 52 Lincolns Inns Fields, County of Middlesex.
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