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Document Number:0704041
Date:14 April 1867
SOLD - transcription available: 26.00
Good consistent with age
Physical description:
Parchment : 7 sheets 70cm x 56cm with 15 red wax seals, signatures adn revenue stamps. Also attached paper letter.
Summary of contents
Thomas HOOPER of the City of Bath - Auctioneer
Edwin Richard FULLER of the City of Bath - Wine Merchant
Frances FULLER the wife of Edwin FULLER.
Edward HOOPER ot the City of Bath - Estate Agent
Bianchi TAYLOR of the City of Bath - Professor of Music
Martha TAYLOR wife of Bianchi TAYLOR
Henry BOND of Prospect Place, Bath - Accountant
Thomas Goldsborough STOCKWELL of 9 Alfred Street, Bath - Surgeon
John GRAHAM of Brandon Hill, Bristol - Commercial Traveller
Mary GRAHAM the Wife of John Graham
William OSBORNE of 5 Bow Church Yard, City of London - Draper
Edward OSBORNE of Gordon House, Highgate, Middlesex - Gentleman
Issac HOLBOROW of South Wraxall, Wiltshire - Farmer
John DAURIS of Badminton, Gloucestershire - Farmer
George YEELES formerly of Nettleton, Wiltshire, and afterwards of Marshfield, Gloucestershire - Yeoman (deceased)

The document relates to the sale of property which had belonged to George Yeeles after his death in 1842. He appears to have been unmarried and without children. Among the many beneficiaries of his will were James Yeeles and Stephen Yeeles, but they both predeceased him, as did many other beneficiaries.

Apart from an annuity to Elizabeth Fennelll, his estate is to be divided equally between 1) his niece Betty Hooper who died in 1862 and 2) William Osborne and his late wife Sarah, formerly Sarah Miller. William Osborne died in 1865 - no relationship with George Yeeles is mentioned.

Betty Hooper had four surviving children, Thomas Hooper, William Hooper, Edward Hooper and Frances the wife of Edwin Richard Fuller. Of these, William Hooper sold his expectations from the will to Edward Hooper in 1866 for 750.

William Osborne had five surviving children, William Osborne, Edward Osborne, Mary the wife of John Graham, Martha the wife of Bianchi Taylor, and Srah the wife of William Chatterton. The share of Sarah and William Chatterton has since been acquired by Bianchi Taylor. Others in this family have mortgaged their expectations to Henry Bond and Thomas Stockwell.

Finally, 25 years after his death, we are told of some (or all) of George Yeeles' property being divided into ten lots and put up for auction. Three of those lots were sold to John Dauris and this indenture executes the conveyance to him for 1250. The property is in the Parish of Nettleton, Wiltshire, and consists of a cottage with 9 acres of arable land.

The one remaining name in the parties to the indenture is Isaac Holborow. He had previously bought a larger part of the estate of George Yeeles and is included in a covenant for the safe keeping and production of relevant deeds.

The attached paper letter is an instruction by all the relevant parties that John Dauris should pay the purchase money to their solicitor.