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Document Number:0704026
Date:05 January 1808
For Sale:72.00
Good consistent with age apart from the revenue stamps which are poor.
Parchment : 2 sheets 57cm x 77cm and 50cm x 69cm. It has 5 wax seals, 4 signature and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents:
Francis WEST formerly of Postwick, Norfolk, now of Thorpe next Norwich, Norfolk. Farmer.
Joseph LEE formerly of Horning, Norfolk, now of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Maltster.
William WORTS of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Miller and Baker AND Mary his wife.
Thomas HURRY of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Merchant.

This document concerns the sale by Joseph Lee of property in Horning, Norfolk, to William Worts for 2875.0.0d. The property is described as "several messuages with the Barns, Stables, Outhouses, Malthouses, Granaries, Warehouse, Yards and Gardens" and appears to be occupied by about 12 tenants.

We are told that in 1801 and 1806, Joseph Lee had mortgaged this property to Francis West for a total of 900, and that the mortgage contracts took the form of leases to Francis West at the rent of a peppercorn of terms of 1000 and 2000 years.

The mortgage has now been paid off, but the leases remain in force. In order to complete the sale, the residue of these leases are being assigned to Thomas Hurry, who is acting only as a trustee in the matter.
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