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Document Number:0704017
Title:Bargain and Sale
Date:16 February 1816
For Sale:40.00
Fair. Somewhat discoloured throughout and the hand written parts are very feint in places (but still legible).
Parchment : 1 sheet 51cm x 62cm with 3 wax seals, 3 signatures and revenue stamp. Printed document with manuscript insertions.
Summary of contents:
William WORTS of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Contractor.
Thomas WORTS of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Contractor.
Richard MANN of Bungay, Suffolk. Merchant.

The document concerns the bankruptcy of William and Thomas Worts who have been trading together under the name of William Worts and Son. Their business has been the buying and selling of flour, but they have become indebted to John Bygrave the Younger of Sutton, Norfolk, Miller, for the sum of 250. They have now been declared bankrupt and ordered to appear at the Black Lion Tavern, Great Yarmouth, on 16 February 1816 where Richard Mann is appointed as Assignee of all their assets.

The only assets specifically mentioned are freehold property in Great Yarmouth and Horning, Norfolk, and copyhold property in the Manor of Horning.
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