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Document Number:0704014
Title:Appointment and Release
Date:25 May 1805
SOLD - transcription available: 16.00
Good consistent with age. There appears to have been a tear 6cm long on the second sheet but this has been very expertly repaired, presumably in the 19th century. None of the words are lost.
Physical description:
Parchment : 2 sheets 52cm x 75cm with 1 wax seal, signature and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
Zachariah FORDHAM of Blo Norton, Norfolk. Yeoman.
Thomas FORDHAM of Blo Norton, Norfolk. Yeoman.
Henry BUTTON of Blo Norton, Norfolk. Farmer.

Zachariah Fordham is selling property in Blo Norton, Norfolk, to Thomas Fordham for 360. It consists of:

1) 4 acres of arable land called Home Croft which is bounded by the common on the North, East and South sides.

2) 2 acres of arable land called Broad Meadow Close bounded by the common on the North side.

This property had been acquired by Zachariah Fordham only 3 days earlier in a complicated contract which also mentioned Thomas Fordham, Frances Fordham, Sarah Fordham and Robert Fordham. We are told that the property is part of a parcel of 40 acres, formerly owned by Thomas Fordham, (deceased).

Henry Button only appears as some sort of Trustee and plays little real part.
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