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Document Number:0702005
Date:11 March 1826
For Sale:58.00
Very good for its age except that the signatures are somewhat feint
Parchment : 59cm x 75cm with 4 wax seals, 3 signatures and revenue stamps
Summary of contents:
Thomas BARNES of Appledore, Kent. Plumber and Glazier.
Samuel BROWN of Appledore, Kent. Carpenter.
William PARKS of Appledore, Kent. Baker.
Thomas ADAMS of Appledore, Kent. Gentleman.

William Parks is buying property in Appledore from Thomas Barnes for 145.

The property consists of 16 perches with a tenement erected on it by Thomas Barnes, bounded by Kings Street, towards the East. Another similar plot immediately to the South has been sold by Thomas Barnes to Samuel Brown.

Thomas Adams is acting only as trustee for William Parks and Samuel Brown performs a similar role for Thomas Barnes. Neither play any significant part in the transaction.
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