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Document Number:0701027
Title:Abstract of Title
Date:01 January 1853
Condition of this document:
A little brown at the edges but otherwise good for its age
Physical description:
Paper : 3 sheets 41cm x 33cm plus cover sheet on paper watermarked 1853
Summary of contents
Joseph DENNY of Lowestoft, Suffolk. Vinter.
John ELPH of Lowestoft, Suffolk. Liquor Merchant.
Sarah Ann WHITE of Lowestoft, Suffolk. Spinster.
Harriet WHITE of Lowestoft, Suffolk. Spinster.
Samuel Morton PETO. of Lowestoft, Suffolk.

The document relates to a small piece of land of slightly more than 1 acre in the Parish of Kirkley, Suffolk.

It begins in 1809 when Joseph Denny died leaving it to his wife Elizabeth. In 1811 she sold it to John Elph for 88. Then in 1838 John Elph left it to Sarah and Harriet White, who were nieces of Sarah Elph, his late wife. Finally, in 1849, these two sold it to Samuel Peto for 250.

The document is not dated but the most recent event listed occurred on 22 November 1849 and the paper is watermarked 1853. Presumably, it was written shortly after that date. It is a draft which contains many amendments and corrections.

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