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Document Number:0611014
Title:Manor Court Document
Date:20 June 1791
For Sale:35.00
Good consistent with age
Parchment : 1 sheet 29cm x 40cm signed by the steward of the manor, with revenue stamp.
Summary of contents:
John RICHMOND (the younger) of Masham, Yorkshire. Schoolmaster.
The Rev James GOLDART of Biggin Grange, Yorkshire.
Charles HARRISON Steward of the Manor of Masham, Yorkshire.

This document is a record of the Court Baron of the Manor of Masham, Yorkshire, in which John Richmond is selling copyhold property in the Manor to the Rev James Goldart.

The property consists of the East End of a dwellinghouse in Kirkbymabye together with part of the adjoining garth and also an allotment of 1 rood in Kirkby Moor. It was recently inhabited by Isabel Richmond (now deceased).

As is usual for such property, John Richmond first surrenders it to the Lord of the Manor, after which the Rev Goldart is admitted to it.
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