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Document Number:0610037
Date:14 May 1878
Very good, except that the document has been folded badly at some time in its life.
Physical description:
Parchment : 1 sheet 54cm x 78cm with 1 wax seal, signature and revenue stamp
Summary of contents
Richard CAWOOD of Whixley Grange, Yorkshire. Farmer
Ellen HENLOCK of Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire. Widow

Richard Cawood is mortgaging property in Whixley, Yorkshire to Ellen Henlock for 1000. It consists of a plot of 16 acres, part of High Pricken Field, bounded on the East by the Knaresborough Turnpike and close to the village of Greenhammerton.

Some of this plot was awarded in 1806 to Richard Cawood, grandfather of the one in this contract, by the Enclosure Commissioners. There is also mention of Henry Cawood and Christopher Cawood as occupiers of adjacent parcels of land.
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