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Document Number:0610013
Title:Abstract of Title
Date:01 January 1872
For Sale:36.00
Good except for a tear (up to 2cm long) at the centre of each sheet
Paper : 9 sheets 42cm x 33cm plus cover sheet
Summary of contents:
Robert FOWLER of Burgh in the Marsh, Lincolnshire. Gentleman.
Henry HARDY of New Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Bricklayer.
John IDLE of Wrangle, Lincolnshire. Cottager.

The document is headed "Abstract of Title of Mr John Idle to a cottage or tenement buildings close of land and premises situate in the common of Wrangle in the County of Lincoln".

It lists events from 1809 to 1860 relating to this property, in the first of which the land is allotted to Robert Fowler by the Inclose Commissioners for Wrangle. Robert Fowler died in 1824 leaving his property to his wife and 14 children, but this Will appears to have given rise to a series of 3 cases in the High Court of Chancery.

These court cases appear to have made the sale of the property to Henry Hardy a lengthy affair. From him it passed to his nephew Henry Hardy Taylor, and was then sold to John Idle in 1860.

The document is not specifically dated, but '1872' has been written on the cover.
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