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Document Number:0609006
Date:22 November 1864
SOLD - transcription available: 15.00
Good, just a little more discoloured than is usual for its age.
Physical description:
Parchment: 2 sheet 54cm x 70cm with 5 wax seals, 5 signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
Jeremiah DIXON of Cockfield, County of Durham. Brewer.
George DIXON of Cockfield, County of Durham. Farmer.
George FLOWER of Witton Junction, Parish of Witton le Wear, Durham. Railway Inspector.
Anthony FLOWER of Crook, Durham. Coke Inspector.
Christopher BLACKETT of Copley Bent, Township of Lynesack and Softley, Durham Grocer and Draper.
Anthony FLOWER (d) of Cockfield, Durham. Shopkeeper.

The document begins by reciting an Indenture of 1816 in which Anthony Flower of Cockfield, Durham, (since deceased) acquired some property in Cockfield. In 1853 he placed it in the hands of Jeremiah and George Dixon acting as trustees.

This Anthony Flower died in 1857 leaving the property to William Flower at Bishop Auckland and Anthony Flower (the son of William). William Flower died intestate in 1853 leaving his eldest son George Flower as his heir at law.

Christopher Blackett is now buying the property for 275 from George and Anthony Flower. The two Dixons are involved only as trustees.

The property consists of 5 houses with gardens in Cockfield, Durham, bounded by the Town Street on the South and West.