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Document Number:0609005
Title:Bail a Rente
Date:28 November 1868
For Sale:45.00
Good, consistent with age
Parchment : 2 pages 38cm x 24cm
Summary of contents:
HENRY DOBREE, son of Helier Ecuyer, formerly of St Peter Port, now of the parish of Catel, Guernsey, Channel Islands
PETER THOM, son of Pabuck, of St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands

[ Note that this document is in French, which together with my ignorance of Guernsey property law, implies that the following summary is none too reliable. ]

Henry Dobree is selling (leasing ?) a piece of land with a stable in La Vaudinerie, parish of St Peter Port, Guernsey to Peter Thom. It appears to have a frontage on Brock Road. The purchaser undertakes to build within 2 years a house on the land at a cost of not less than 200 sterling. He also declares that he wishes that his wife Dame Harriet Sewster should enjoy the present lease for the remainder of her life if she should outlive him.

The price (rent ?) is expressed as "9 quarters of grain" but this is to be paid in silver at "14 livres Tournois to the quarter". Somehow a calculation of 248 livres Tournois per quarter comes out of it.
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