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Document Number:0609001
Date:07 September 1831
Very good on the written side; justa little discoloured on the outside as folded.
Physical description:
Parchment : 4 sheets 62cm x 77cm with 5 wax seals, 3 signatures and revenue stamps.
Summary of contents
William JEWITT, late of Clementhorpe in the Parish of Blacktoft, Yorkshire, but now of Beverley, Yorkshire. Farmer.
Walter BEILBY of Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire. Gentleman.
Frederick CAMPBELL of Beverley, Yorkshire. Gentleman.
Robert Plummer WEDDALL of Google, Yorkshire. Gentleman.
William WEDDALL of Highfields, Parish of Whitgift, Yorkshire. Farmer.

William Jewitt is selling property in the Parish of Blacktoft in the East Riding of Yorkshire to Robert Weddall for 660. It consists of several parcels of land totalling 27acres, the largest parcel being called Mary Hare Close.

We are told that this property came into the hands of William Jewitt (father of the current seller) in 1765. A schedule lists other indentures and court cases relating to the property between 1765 and 1830. The present William Jewitt had mortgaged this and other property to Walter Beilby for 2,500 in 1830, but Walter Beilby acknowledges that he still has sufficient security for the loan even after the sale of their portion.

There are complications such as that annual payments to the Poor and to the Vicarof Blacktoft and obligations for the repair of Staithes and landing places are chargeable on some of William Jewitt's property. He has to make covenants that these are not chargeable on the portion being sold.

Frederick Campbell and William Weddall are probably only acting as trustees and play little real part.
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